User Profile Import Stuck

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A client had an issue today with user profile imports being “stuck”.  In one instance (the production instance) the profile import was stuck actually performing the import, in the non-production instance it was stuck on “Enumerating”.  Found a great article by Henrik Andersson to fix the issue.  Here is what he posted as the fix:

Open the registry editor. Browse to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftOffice Server12.0SearchApplications”. Here you will find a key for each SSP in the farm. Drill down to "GatherProfileImportContentSources" (which is the Full Import) and check the key “CrawlNumberInProgress”. If it´s not “0xffffffff” then the number displayed corresponds to a key under the branch “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftOffice Server12.0SearchApplicationsGatherProfileImportCrawls”.
I changed the number in the key “CrawlNumberInProgress” to “0xffffffff” and then restarted the “Office SharePoint Server Search” service for the settings to be applied.

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Migrating Subsites to New Site Collections

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I am currently working on a project to split up a single site collection to multiple site collections.  There are multiple reasons for doing so, and there are useful blog posts dedicated to the topic of whether to use multiple site collections or subsites.  In this instance, the primary driver for using multiple site collections is to get the desired scoping functionality the customer would like for Nintex Reporting 2008.

Tackling the job of migrating from subsites to new site collections is no trivial task.  There are however, some COTS products specifically tailored to this case:

Unfortunately, I did not have the luxury of using one of these purpose-built tools for this endeavor.  Instead, I have relied on Gary Lapointe’s fantastic stsadm extensions.  Specifically, the following:

  • gl-convertsubsitetositecollection – this one does all of the heavy lifting, using the SharePoint Content Migration API.
  • gl-replacewebpartcontent – this allows you to use regex patterns to search and replace links that are in content editor web parts
  • gl-copynavigation – because the new site collections create their own global navigation, I set the global navigation of the root (/) site collection to be all manual links, and use this extension operation to copy that navigation to the new site collection
  • gl-addsiteadmin – add site collection administrators to the site collections easily

These commands have been grouped into a batch file which will handle each step of the migration process.  This has worked pretty well.  The batch file is executed through a Scheduled Task as the process often can exceed 24 hours in runtime so executing through RDP is not an option. 

The last utility I have made use of for this effort is bmail from Beyond Logic.  This is a simple command-line SMTP mailer which is used at the end of the conversion batch file to notify me that the process is complete.  This saves me the trouble of having to login to the server several times a day to check on progress.

Have I missed any utilities that you find useful for similar work?  If so, please comment!

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“Object reference not set to an instance of an object” executing STSADM commands

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If you are attempting to execute STSADM commands, and are receiving the ominous “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” error, make sure that the user account that are using to execute STSADM has permissions to the SQL database.  I ran into an issue today where the domain account had permissions to the WFE but not to the SQL server, and whereas I could work in Central Admin, and perform other Farm Administrator duties, STSADM commands were failing with the above error.  Once my account was added to the local Administrators group of the SQL server the STSADM commands executed without fail.

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Promising SharePoint projects on CodePlex

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I spent some time on CodePlex today researching the latest open-source SharePoint projects.  I probably haven’t peeked through CodePlex in the past 6 months, and I was very encouraged by the quantity of projects out there.  Following are the ones of particular interest to me:

SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard

The SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard is a tool for SharePoint 2007 which provides the means to deploy the following content:
- site collections
- webs
- lists
- folders
- list items (including files)
Content is exported using the Content Migration API (PRIME) as a .cmp file (Content Migration Package) which can be copied to other servers for import. Unlike the out-of-the-box tools, the Wizard allows *granular* selection of content via a treeview.


SharePoint Access Checker Web Part

Quickly check what objects within a Sharepoint site hierarchy a user has access to.

The Access Checker Web Part is a Windows Sharepoint Services Web Part, for use within Windows Sharepoint Services v3 and Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007, that displays a tree view showing permissions on objects for a user scoped to a Site hierarchy. It also has a second mode which will show the permission inheritance of objects within a Site hierarchy.



SharePoint ULS Log Viewer

A windows application for viewing SharePoint ULS log files more easily. Supports filtering and easy viewing of data.

SLAM! SharePoint List Association Manager

Most developers who have used SharePoint as an application development framework have run into the realization that SharePoint is NOT a relational database. In fact, the accepted wisdom is if you need relational tables, use ASP.NET/SQL straight-up, not SharePoint.

Enter SharePoint List Association Manager (SLAM). In short it allows you to define relationships (one to one, one to many, many to many) between SharePoint lists (or Content Types) and then leverage those relationships in webparts or custom field types using familiar and straight forward SQL queries.

Have I missed any?  Please comment if there is a “must have” (except WSPBuilder of course, everyone knows that :-) ) I have omitted!

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Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 Installed on Windows 7 RC

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Today I installed Visual Studio 2010 Professional Beta 1 on the Windows 7 RC running in VMWare Workstation 6.5.  Special thanks to Miha Markič for this tip regarding disabling 3D graphics acceleration in VMWare.  This is what the top bar of Visual Studio looked like before that change:


And this is what it looks like after:


Much better!  In any event, if you haven’t seen it yet, here is the new VS2010 start screen:

Visual Studio 2010 Welcome

Pretty clean looking.  One of the very first things I looked for in this version is to make sure it can target the 2.0 Framework, and sure enough, support for 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0.  Very cool.  Stay tuned for more updates as I get a chance to play around with this some more.

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