So a few months ago I scrapped my Blackberry 8700 and got a Motorola Q Global (one of the cool slate gray ones):


All in all I am pretty happy with the phone.  I love the form factor, its very slim so it fits well in your pocket, and its wide so my chubby digits can get an e-mail out with a minimum of type-os. 

In any event, the intent of this post is not to provide a review of my new phone, but rather to talk about one of my favorite new blogs:  Admittedly, not the most attractive web site on the planet, but they do a fantastic job at providing info on the latest developments in the world of Windows Mobile. 

One of their postings today has gotten me excited:  Windows Mobile catches up with iPhone and Android: Street View released by Google !  They have screen shots of the Google Maps update including the Street View functionality.

I haven't downloaded the update yet, but within about the next 15 minutes I intend to.