This blog was in desperate need of an update, aesthetically and infrastructure related. If memory serves, coming into yesterday Of Ones and Zeros was running on Wordpress 2.3, and hadn’t received any TLC so to speak in the past 18 months. Initially I was planning to move this blog over to the excellent Sitefinity platform by telerik, but I had a last moment change of heart and elected to stay with Wordpress.

So a couple interesting bits with the update:

  • Upgraded to WordPress 2.7.1
  • Hosting has been moved to Providicom
  • UI has been completely updated (thanks to WooThemes for their excellent premium WordPress themes)
  • My latest tweet is incorporated into the banner of the blog, and you can click the bird icon to follow me on Twitter
  • Using the excellent SyntaxHighlighter javascript by Alex Gorbatchev to make code segments on the blog readable
  • Incorporated latest delicious books into the sidebar
  • Support for Gravatar and threaded comments

I hope you enjoy the update and please let me know if you have additional ideas for Of Ones and Zeros.

Thanks for reading.