There's a title for you!  In any event, a client ha an issue where after clicking "Upload Multiple" in a SharePoint Picture Library, the Microsoft Office Picture Manager would not load.  After digging through the page source, it was determined that SharePoint uses the "OISCTRL.OISClientLauncher" class from the "OISCTRL.dll" to power the Upload Multiple functionality in Picture Libraries.  I wrote the following script to test the functionality of this component on the client machine:

Set o = CreateObject("OISCTRL.OISClientLauncher")
o.LaunchOIS "ois.exe /upload """""

The result was "Unspecified error".  A further review of the SharePoint javascript indicated that it first looks for "OISCTRL.OISClientLauncher" but if it doesn't find it, it will fall back to good 'ole "STSUPLD.DLL" which powers the standard upload multiple functionality.  For now, we have worked around the issue by unregistering "OISCTRL.dll" which is in the C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOFFICE12 directory:

regsvr32 /u OISCTRL.dll

If anyone has an actual fix for OISCTRL.dll not being able to launch the ois.exe process, let me know!