I had one of those moments yesterday where you get 60% of the way through fixing a problem a certain way, and then discover that there was a simpler, more elegant solution that would require 10% of the effort.  Problem being, I had just written a lot of code that I didn't necessarily want to lose forever, incase it may be useful somewhere down the road.

From my days working with Team Foundation Server I remembered the "Shelving" concept.  Unfortunately, I was using Subversion, not Team Foundation Server.  But isn't a shelf really just a branch?  So I figured I could do a poor-mans shelf with Subversion, and I was right.  Worked great.

I was going to write up my steps to do so but decided I would do a quick Google sanity check before expending the effort.  Glad I did, cause Mark Phippard did a much better job then I would have done.  Kudos Mark, thanks for the excellent amount of detail.