In the past week I have implemented several custom workflows for a client using SharePoint Designer.  The workflows were pretty simple:  A Forms Services form would be completed, in the form would be a the Manager's name and e-mail address.  The workflow would use the "Collect Data" action to perform an approval workflow, assigning an item to the manager specified in the form.  Trouble was, the manager would receive the task notification, click the link in the e-mail to edit the task item, and receive an access denied error.

For the purposes of troubleshooting I opened the permissions on the task list as much as possible, granting nt authorityall authenticated users the Full Control permission.  Still the users received "Access denied".  Then, I found the following forum thread:

The solution wound up being a combination of two posts, this was by "Vansen":

I opened up the Site using the Sharepoint Designer. Then i right-clicked the workflows folder and chose properties. In the Security Tab i clicked the link "Manage Permissions using the browser". Then a new Browser window opened and i was able to adjust the rights for the Workflow Folder. In my case the rights inheritance was broken. I restored it and it worked.

And this one by "Andre Rentes":

I found a solution but not is the better...

-> Open Sharepoint Designer,

-> right click on Workflow 1 (My workflow)

-> select Publish Selected Files...

-> choose  File System and write a location ( c: ) for example

-> Click OK


Combining these two solutions fixed all three of the problematic workflows!  Thanks guys!