My family and I are having a new house built.  Seems appropriate, as my former abode was located under the following:

Big Rock

You think I'm kidding?  I assure you I am not.  And I offer as proof this tidbit:

Did you know that since Windows 2000 one could mount drives to a folder?  Chances are, you did know that.  Or, you were one of my neighbors.  Did I know that?  I vaguely remembered it, but was absolutely appalled that I have never put it to use. 

Okay, maybe you are in the dark ages with me (please say it is so!), the following article contains additional information:

I will not take this second chance at mount points lightly.  I am going to emerge from the dark ages of drive letters, I am going to install MOSS 2007 using mount points, and the world will rejoice! 

Stay tuned.  (or return to your rock)